Insurance After A DUI

Getting DUI Insurance After a DUI Conviction

Following a DUI conviction in Arizona you obviously have a lot going on in your head. Many individuals are often so overwhelmed by the hefty fines, likely jail time, probation, drug and alcohol classes, etcetera, that automobile insurance usually does not enter their minds. Once you have been convicted of drunk driving or have received a license suspension, it is impossible to conceal this fact from your insurance company. As a result, maintaining insurance on your vehicle can be difficult, if not impossible. At the very least, it will cause your insurance company to increase your rates, often very steeply.

So How Can Alcock and Associates Help Driver’s With DUI?

dui lawyers that winInsurance companies operate on a basis of risk assessment. The higher they perceive the risk to be, the higher the premium rates, if they even decide to grant a policy. After a DUI arrest, you may well have your insurance canceled or your premiums hiked. In Arizona, a DUI conviction will remain on your driving record for a number of years. Most states mandate that a SR-22 car insurance be acquired from your company to prove to the motor vehicle department that you actually do have liability insurance. Once this is applied for, you are certain to face a rate hike or cancellation of your policy. Your ability to drive at all after a DUI conviction often comes down to whether or not you can provide proof of insurance. However, there are insurance companies that will provide DUI insurance to those who have a DUI conviction and at more reasonable rates than regular one will be expected.

For as long as state law requires that your conviction remain publicly accessible, your DUI record will impact your auto insurance policy and the premium as well. If there are no further incidents, after the required length of time, your DUI conviction will be erased from your records and it will once more be easier to obtain DUI insurance at a more reasonable cost.

At Alcock and Associates, our experienced Phoenix DUI lawyers know the law inside and out and can positively affect how much you end up paying for automobile insurance in the future. Getting some of the charges related to your DUI case dismissed or reduced will most certainly influence how your auto insurer views your policy.

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