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Finding a criminal lawyer with the necessary level of skill and experience to fight for your freedom and future is absolutely essential. Not all law firms are equally qualified to defend serious criminal cases, and it is a well-established fact the skill and talent of your lawyer has an impact on the outcome of your case. At the Law Offices of Alcock and Associates, our criminal lawyers all have extensive experience in defending cases, both prior to trial and in the courtroom. As former prosecuting attorneys and former district attorneys, we have dedicated our extensive education and experience to defending people who need it most: those accused of criminal offenses.

After an arrest, and before charges are formally filed by indictment, it is often possible to avoid serious repercussions if immediate defense action is taken. Our extensive experience as former prosecutors gives us deep insight into how to address even the most serious of criminal charges, from the moment the arrest is made. We provide high quality, aggressive defense for individuals charged with all types of criminal offenses that range from fraud to murder and everything in between. Having an attorney who is an expert in criminal law makes all the difference for your defense, especially in the state of Arizona where law enforcement and the judicial system are known for being particularly tough on crime.

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The criminal defense lawyers at Alcock and Associates all understand that no two criminal cases are alike, which is why our proficiency in criminal law will work to your advantage. We are comprehensive in our scope, which enables us to take on cases of assault with the same level of expertise as we take on cases of juvenile crimes. Your case may have involved a child, which is an extremely sensitive issue for the courts. For this reason, we are available to defend you in cases involving child abuse, kidnapping and even sex crimes. You may have been charged with a federal crime such as a white collar crime, identity theft or fraud. Even misdemeanors such as disorderly conduct, drug charges, parole and probation violations should be handled with the utmost seriousness.

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Most of the clients we see have never been in trouble with the law before and have never had many dealings with the legal system. That is one reason why we provide so much information in our website: We know how frightening the legal process can be. We think if you know about the firm, and know more about how to hire an attorney, and visit with one of our lawyers, you will feel confident in your choice in our firm.

We invite you to review our legal biographies and read our client testimonials, and then set up an appointment for a free initial consultation. Your choice in legal counsel may prove to be the most important choice in handling your criminal case.
The size of our firm means we can provide comforting, personal attention to handle cases of differing complexity at a fair price. Our many years of individual and combined experience can help tailor a legal strategy that best suits your situation and needs, for you to take control of your legal situation, we give you experienced, straightforward, sometimes tough advice and work with you to get the best legal result we can. Contacting the right lawyer as soon as possible will make the difference.

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Your case is important to us. Determining the best course of defense action requires a deep evaluation of all evidence obtained prior to and during to your arrest. A painstaking assessment involves a review of all statements and other physical and scientific evidence to determine if any errors exist that could lead to early dismissal of your charges. When law enforcement has stepped outside the bounds of the law by conducting an illegal search and seizure, it can provide our team with the ammunition we need to have such evidence suppressed.

Any error, flawed witness statements, or other mitigating evidence must be identified at once, from a traffic related offense to the most serious of crimes, including violent crimes. Many cases have the potential for early dismissal, reduced charges or an acquittal when we have the opportunity to immediately get into action. We strongly advise you to contact our experienced legal team immediately after an arrest, or if you are under investigation for a serious crime.

Your future could well be on the line. We are here to help protect it. We promise to offer you the personal attention every client deserves. Let’s get started today. Give Alcock and Associates a call at 602-989-5000.