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Because DUI is a technical area of law that requires skill, dedication, and expertise, you need a qualified Arizona DUI defense lawyer to handle your case.

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Arizona, you face tough prosecutors and the criminal justice system will not do you any favors. You need a strong advocate on your side to fight for your rights and your future. At Alcock and Associates, P.C. we are proud to have handled thousands of DUI criminal cases and administrative hearings for our clients. Call our office now for a free consultation with a DUI lawyer right now at 602-989-5000

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Unfortunately, drunk driving is one of the most prosecuted crimes in Arizona. If you are charged with driving while intoxicated, you should speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Trying to handle impaired driving charges without an attorney, or even with an inexperienced attorney, can have devastating results. It may be impossible to know whether or not your case can be dismissed. You need an experienced and qualified attorney to look at your case to see whether or not your rights were violated. Because the rules and legal procedures related to DUI cases do not favor defendants, it is important to have skilled DUI lawyers asserting your rights and presenting your defense in court.

There are many different types of impaired driving cases in Arizona. They are as follows. First offense regular, extreme, super extreme, second offense cases, aggravated DUI a class 6 felony and class 4 felony. Our team has seen it all and can handle it all. We will explain all of the possible outcomes you. Further, we will discuss in great detail how we will combat every aspect of the prosecutor’s case in order attempte to win your case.

Consequences of DUI Conviction

There are drastic long-term consequences for DUI convictions, especially in Arizona. You can be prosecuted for a DUI even if your blood alcohol measures under the legal limit (.08%). For example, some people are unaware that driving under the influence of a recreational or even a prescription drug can result in a DUI charge and a conviction is just as serious. You risk jail time and complete loss of your driving privileges. Even if you do not have an Arizona driver’s license, you can still lose your driving privileges in your home state.

Individuals facing DUI charges often do not appreciate how serious the consequences of a conviction can be. Having a criminal record can impede future employment opportunities. Getting your driver’s license revoked is a major problem if driving a car is the primary form of transportation and is required for continued employment. Financial repercussions include things such as payment of substantial fines, court fees, fees for counseling and the ignition interlock. The DUI lawyers at Alcock and Associates are creative problem solvers who aggressively represent our clients in court. We know how to successfully handle legal issues in a way that will protect the welfare of our clients.

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